Tutorial Buat Alas Kusyen Kerusi Ikea Poang | Simple Tutorial on Making Ikea Poang Cover

Guess what, having an IKEA Poang at home doesn't mean you have to stick to the same boring color and you don't have to be an expert to do this (whattt?😱)

Yup, I finally managed to change my Poang's cover after 5 years of going by the generic red! I was going to purchase the custom made cover on Shopee but for the cost of RM100++, I decided to just try and make it myself and voila! They only costs me around RM30++!

The reason I'm so excited about this is because at first I thought it's hard. Had no idea that it actually IS possible for amateurs like me to sew my own Poang cover, lol!

Successfully using a very unstable sewing machine adds to my satisfaction 😂 Who says you need a good sewing machine to make a good cushion cover?


Ok before we start, make sure you've got the new fabric, measuring about 2 meters (we essentially be using approximately 50 inch x 70 inch of the fabric). Make sure the fabric is suitable for cushion covers- thick, comfy and most importantly, suits your theme.

So basically all you need for this tutorial:

1- Fabric (50" x 70")
2- Velcro
3- Sewing supplies (machine, thread, scissors, pins, etc)
4- Big size buttons (4 pieces)


STEP 1- SEW THE SELVAGE (jahit tepi kain)
To prevent the fabric edges from fraying, sew the fabric selvage (edge of the fabric). Do this by sewing your folded over edges.
This is an important step to create a neat seam finish.

Untuk mengelakkan kain berambu-ramba di hujungnya, buat jahit tepi. Lipat dan jahit hujung kain untuk memastikan hasil jahitan kemas. 

Measure the length of your Poang cushion from top to bottom.
Spread the fabric inside out (fabric front facing the floor) and put the cushion in the middle. Try to cover the cushion using both left and right fabric flaps, as neat as you can.
Pin the fabrics and take out the cushion.

Ukur panjang kusyen Poang anda dari atas hingga ke bawah. 
Bentangkan kain secara terbalik (bahagian depan fabrik menghadap lantai) dan letakkan kusyen Poang di tengah kain. Cuba tutup kusyen menggunakan lebihan kain di kiri dan kanan, lipat sekemas yang boleh. 
Pin kain dan keluarkan kusyen. 

Based on the cushion measurement, mark the excessive area on top and bottom of fabric.
With one flap over another flap as it is now, sew the area that you've marked (as in image).
Turn the fabric inside out. Now your fabric will look like a giant envelope.

Berdasarkan ukuran kusyen tadi, tandakan bahagian kain yang berlebihan di bahagian atas dan bawah.
Dengan keadaan kain dipin ke kusyen secara terbalik, jahit bahagian yang ditanda tadi (seperti dalam gambar).
Terbalikkan kain. Kini kain anda kelihatan seperti sampul surat gergasi.

Refer to the velcro on your Poang cushion and mark its location on the back of your 'envelope'.
Sew your velcro (the soft strip) on this mark.
The cover is done now but I did the last step below just to make it firmer.

Lihat velkro pada kusyen Poang anda dan tandakan lokasinya di belakang 'sampul surat' tersebut. 
Jahit velkro (strip yang lembut) anda pada bahagian yang bertanda. 
Sarung kusyen dah siap tapi langkah seterusnya dibuat untuk jadikan ia lebih kemas. 


Sew your button and buttonholes on the back of the cover.

Jahit butang dan lubang butang di belakang sarung. 

I seldom do this. Posting this random activity here in case someone forgotten how to sew a buttonhole :)


Your stylish cover is done! Just stuff your cushion into the cover, button up and fold the upper head cushion :)

I actually made a cover for the upper head of the cushion with the extra fabric I got, just by sewing the seams, but it turned out to be too short to cover the whole thing:

I spray-painted my Poang chair with 'sugarcane' color that I bought from Mr DIY for just RM3++. You'd need 4 bottles of these to paint the whole Poang.

And I decided to remove the head cover and reveal the middle line.
The result is AWESOME! :)

So now my Poang goes exactly like how I wanted it to be within my living room and I know it might not look exactly like the original cover but hey, for what's worth, you got a stylish-lookin' Poang with 5 simple steps and small amount of cash! Pretty cool huh~


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