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[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] After Three Years, This is My Two Cents on Little Bumblebee Montessori Preschool, Shah Alam

The girl on the left with the mic is my daughter and they're singing a teacher appreciation song in Mandarin during their preschool graduation 💓
As my daughter attended the school since she was 4 years old, I think they deserve some comments from parents like me right?
It's the end of the year, and I'm sure parents with little kiddos are surveying the perfect preschool for their loved ones by now. I for one, am quite choosy when it comes to my kids' schools. Growing up as a comot kid who hated going to school for soooo many reasons, I try to raise them to like school instead, so choosing the right school is very important for me My review of Little Bumblebee Montessori Preschool 🐝

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